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mn-inkCMYKA typical rich black mixture might be 100% black, 50% of each of the other three inks. Other percentages are used to achieve specific results, for example 100% black with 70% cyan (C), 35% magenta (M), and 40% yellow (Y) is used to achieve “cool” black. “Warm Black” is 35%C, 60%M, 60%Y, and 100%K. The colored ink under the black ink makes a “richer” result; the additional inks absorb more light, resulting in a closer approximation of true black. While, in theory, an even richer black can be made by using 100% of each of the four inks, in practice, the amount of non-black ink added is limited by the wetness that the paper and printing process can handle. (A safe and practical rule of thumb is that ink coverage should not exceed 240% on normal papers. Papers that “pick”, like low end recycled, should be even less coverage.) Wetness is not a problem with laser printers, however, and registration black (or “400% black”) produces very striking results in laser prints. Interesting effects can also be achieved with a laser printer by combining 100% black and 100% of cyan, magenta, or yellow.

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