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What’s the difference between matt, satin & gloss photo paper? In brief, matt photo paper looks duller as it doesn’t reflect light, glossy photo paper looks shiny and reflects light, and satin photo paper falls between the two.

Matt Photo Paper: Old photos were often printed on matt photo paper, and black and white photos look better when printed on a satin or matt photo paper finish. Matt doesn’t reflect light, so is easy to view under any light, however may not have the upmarket look and feel of gloss paper.

Ideal for:

  • Black and white photos – portraits or architectural images
  • Sepia photographs and old family photos
  • Artisitic landscapes
  • Canvas effect photographs

Glossy Photo Paper: Today, people like a gloss finish as it looks and feels luxurious. Colours appear to be brighter and more vibrant. We associate gloss with quality – many upmarket magazines are printed on a gloss paper stock.  Its what people have come to expect. However, gloss may be less easy to view in strong light because of its reflective and shiny surface.

Ideal for:

  • Bright colour photography
  • Modern family portraits
  • Photographic portfolio
  • Wedding photos

Satin Photo Paper: is the perfect compromise between the two as it is less shiny and reflects far less light than gloss paper. You get the best of both: the gloss benefit of sharper colours, brightness and vibrancy, and the matt benefit of a photo that is easier to view under strong light.

Ideal for:

  • Pictures for home or office
  • Photo album
  • Scrapbook
  • Work portfolio

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